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Friday, 5 March 2010


As I was typing the last post I was listening to The Other Dimbleby, Jonathan, on Any Questions. (I still am). My face is already growing red again!
Coming from the highly controversial The Muslim Centre in London, this also began with the Ashcroft story. I've just had the misfortune to hear Ken Clarke being booed, hissed, screamed at and jeered at by a hysterical mob masquerading as an audience. He's also been savaged by fellow panelists Ken Livingstone, Mehdi Hasan of The New Statesman and Julia Goldsworthy (who have been whooped at or cheered to the rafters for saying nasty things about the Tories). And then, to cap it all, there was The Other Dimbleby, that insufferable popinjay, interrupting Mr Clarke repeatedly but letting the others attack Ken Clarke without interruption. It's a wonder there wasn't a public stoning!!

Livingstone's savaging of Andrew Gilligan for a programme attacking The Muslim Centre was also cheered to the rafters, as was Mr Hasan's savaging of the right-wing newspapers. Dimbleby wasn't so keen to interrupt here! (He never goes against a mob, especially the sort that might stone him for it!)
Was Ken Clarke clapped for his brilliant attack on Gordon Brown's record on the economy? No. It didn't help that Dimbleby interrupted him before the climax of his answer and then, after asking him a critical question, interrupted him three more times in short succession before cutting him off again before he could finish for a second time! A single foolhardy person clapped. In contrast Livingstone's attack on the Tories was wildly cheered, Hasan was first booed for saying something nice about Ken Clarke then cheered and whistled enthusiastically for damning him and his party and Dimbleby let all three Tory-bashers speak. Dimbleby then intervened to ask Ken yet another hostile question, interrupted him shortly after and then cut him off for a third time. Astonishing levels of bias from Jonathan Dimbleby! Absolutely astonishing!
Get rid of him, get rid of his brother and bring in Eddie Mair full-time!!
I don't think my face could get any redder!!


  1. I rarely watch Question Time any more as the anti-Tory bias and pro-Labour stacking of the audience allied with David Dimbleby's increasingly frenzied interrupting of Conservative panellists.

    Dimbleby jnr on Any Questions is less biased and the audience less stacked but I missed last night's as it was obvious what would happen.

    I know I keep saying this, but I really don't know what else to say; either the Conservatives start challenging the bias or Labour will win the coming election (with or without LibDem support). If David Cameron wants to stand above the fray, OK I sort of get that but Hague & Clarke need to put some stick about and David Davis needs to be brought back for the same purpose. It may be almost too late so it has to be done now.

  2. I avoided 'Question Time' until late last year for the same reasons, prefering just to imagine what it was like while reading the Biased BBC blogsite commentataries. I knew if I started watching again (after many years away) that I'd soon be getting wound up about it!

    The BBC as a whole this week has been winding me up though. It's sunk to new depths. Surely this week must have opened every eye in the Conservative Party, activists as well as MPs. Surely their blood must have been boiling too at the way they've been treated. If that's not the case they are beyond hope and deserve all they get. WE, on the other hand, DON'T!!!

    I'm not giving up. (I know you won't!) I'm e-mailing all and sundry tonight to try to keep their eyes open and their blood boiling!


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