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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


The main guests throughout today's The Daily Politics - the big Prime Minister's Questions edition - were Ben Bradshaw and Shirley Williams. The closeness of their views on most matters, with Shirl the Girl (as Andrew likes to call her) saying how right she thinks the Labour Government is on issue after issue, offered the viewers a very restricted range of opinion. Both lost no opportunity to bash the Tories either. David Willetts appeared briefly for the Conservatives (getting just under 3 minutes to speak). Still, I'm sure this imbalance will be redressed next Wednesday when, say, Eric Pickles and Nigel Farage share the limelight on the programme, with Labour's Ed Balls appearing briefly for Labour (and getting just under 3 minutes to speak). Somehow though I doubt that's going to happen. No BBC programme would allow that, not even The Daily Politics.


  1. Sadly, I watched the whole " show" today as one of Andy's "folks".

    Ben and Shirl were unable to answer the question of whether any Labour or Lib Dem donors are non-doms.

    Willetts, who I see as the Conservative male version of the blessed Theresa, was not bad but has obviously been on a course to learn to speak "Mockney".
    ( No photos , please ! ).

    Also no mention of Jim Devine, Labour MP to be prosecuted for fraud,
    who was down to ask the first question at PMQs or the 9 Peers who will not be prosecuted for fraud :

    Lab 6

    Lib Dem 2

    Con 1

    It seems corruption is only reported by the BBC if it is by Conservative politicians.

  2. Don't worry Grant, I give you a cast-iron guarantee (and you know how good they are!) that there will NEVER be a photo of David Willetts on this blog!

    The Lab-Dem pair seemed a bit surprised to be questioned about their own non-dom donors. I imagine they were just settling down to enjoy a bout of easy Ashcroft-bashing when Andrew Neil went and spoiled it for them.

    Still, not one a particularly fun edition of the programme.

    I'm warming to my own flippant idea of Eric Pickles and Nigel Farage for next week. Why shouldn't they be next Wednesday's main guests? They would be great fun.

  3. Funny moment when Shirl called Andrew "Neil " instead of Andrew !


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