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Thursday, 4 February 2010


Sky News is reporting the story about how Gordon Brown lied to parliament yesterday about Conservative manifesto commitments on defence spending:
Proof that Brown did lie yesterday, as Dizzy points out, can be found on page 25 of the Conservative Manifesto:
And from the BBC in 2004:
Needless to say, the BBC News website today is staying completely silent. Will this morning's Today programme maintain radio silence on the story too, or will it indignantly question any passing Labour minister about it?


  1. If Brown lied to Parliament, he has to go to Parliament and apologise, or the Squeaker has to force him to. If it happens, how can the BBC ignore it ?

  2. Grant
    Are you off on a trip?
    If so keep posting.

    Andy C

  3. Andy,

    Yes, off for a dose of reality in W. Africa for 1 month in March. No internet connection, not much phone connections, certainly no post. Bliss !
    Will ask the local witch-doctors to contact this site by jungle - drum !
    Quick joke. Last time I asked an African in Casamance if he had heard of the BBC. Maybe he misheard me, but he replied " Of course, I have heard of the DDT " !


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