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Thursday, 11 February 2010


There's a reason why Not a sheep is my favourite blogger. Following on from my previous post (prompted by a mean-spirited piece on the plight of Tory PPC Joanne Cash, gratuitously pictured left), he absolutely nails Michael Crick's latest blog-attack on the Tories in two brilliant posts today. Please have a read of them:
Not a sheep proves at best incompetence on Crick's part (which is not unlikely), at worst naked bias (which is very likely). He ends with a call I wholly support:

So I hereby call for Michael Crick to either resign from his position as Newsnight's political editor or be sacked by the BBC whether for incompetence or bias.


  1. Yes, I am following Mr. Goat's blog now and thoroughly enjoying. Also today, registered with BBC for the first time and posted a comment on Crick's silly blog.
    No complaints about photos of Joanne, but don't let her turn your head so much that you don't know left from right !

  2. Thanks for yet another mention, I do my best to please.

  3. I'm smitten Grant! This may sound irredeemably sexist but parliament needs some good-looking ladies in it next time. At the moment there's a drought for the eyes!

    The comments on Crick's blogs absolutely blast the silly little man to pieces. I am so glad that so many people have his number.

  4. Not a sheep .

    No problem. I really enjoy both these blogs, but there seem to be so few comments. Let's hope things build up.

    Craig . I was quite surprised how many anti-Crick ( and we are not talking about Francis here ) got through the BBC censors.

    Maybe just a bunch of teenage moderators.


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