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Monday, 1 February 2010


Totalling up the lengths of all last month's interviews with UK politicians I've been able to work out an exact percentage for the amount of airtime each party has been granted for political interviews by the BBC in January.

The dominance of the BBC's airwaves by the Labour Party remains. If you sometimes feel, say, that there are a lot of Tory-free zones, or wonder when you last heard from UKIP, these figures suggest why!
While accepting that the governing party is likely to be questioned more than opposition parties - and rightly so! - the sheer scale of Labour's dominance is hardly healthy for democracy. If Labour's absolute majority of interview time was balanced by significantly tougher questioning, this would be fine - but it isn't; indeed, the questioning of Labour is significantly less tough than that of the Tories, the SNP and UKIP. So what's the BBC's excuse then?
Labour - 54.81% (12h 13m 18s)
Conservatives - 22.81% (5h 5m 13s)
Lib Dems - 12.65% (2h 49m 19s)
SNP - 2.25% (30m 10s)
Sinn Fein - 1.68% (22m 49s)
UKIP - 1.44% (19m 28s)
DUP - 1.22% (16m 34s)
Independents - 0.90% (12m 1s)
Greens - 0.60% (8m 4s)
SDLP - 0.48% (6m 46s)
Alliance - 0.46% (6m 18s)
TUV - 0.46% (6m 18s)
Respect - 0.24% (3m 16s)

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