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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Michael Crick was in danger of wetting himself last night as he brought more 'fascinating' news (zzzzzz) on the Lord Ashcroft story. The 'fascinating' news was based on the Lustig interview with William Hague. "It raises all sort of questions", said Labour-supporter Crick, before raising some of them himself.
He'll doubtless be back with more on Lord Ashcroft tonight, then tomorrow night, then next Monday night, then Tuesday night...(etc)... probably right up to polling day.


  1. To my astonishment, I had an email from the BBC saying they would not publish one of my comments on Mikey boy's blog because it was "potentially defamatory".
    I had merely pointed out that Mandelson had been made a Lord despite making a fraudulent mortgage application , whereas I am not aware that Ashcroft has been accused of any criminal offences.

  2. Went to look at the BBC's website to see how they were spinning the Ashcroft non-story.
    They quoted nonsense from Harman about the woman's perception of what is or is not "sleaze", hilarious when you think of cash for peerages under Labour in which her husband, who didn't have to face an all-women shortlist, was complicit.
    Of course not one quote from any Conservative pointing out the hypocricy surrounding this in the light of the revelations concerning Labour's "non-dom" "Lord" Paul, who, as it now transpires, was instumental in stripping the employee's pension fund at Armstrongs when his conglomerate took it over.
    Not a peep from the BBC that Ashcroft has not claimed one penny in expenses from the Lords in ten years whilst Paul has been filling his boots a la Labour peer Udin (not a peep there from the BBC).
    Doesn't it all smack of the Soviet stooge and Labour MP Robert Maxwell.

    I digress from my point. Having gone to the website I came across this:

    "Debt, cuts and the ghost of Geddes"

    Now I may have read it wrong but it came across to me as though the BBC was comparing today's gross economic mismanagement to the early 20's and suggesting that reining in public expenditure would lead to a 30's style depression.
    Star billing is given to a Martin Daunton who the Beeb is at pains to point out is professor of economic history and author of Wealth and Welfare: An Economic and Social History of Britain, 1851-1951.
    The Beeb even manages to get this in, "The government of Lloyd George was being caught between Labour in the North and the Anti-Waste League in the south being led by the Daily Mail,"
    And this, "Agitation was led by Lord Rothermere, the Daily Mail owner, whose Anti-Waste League had started fighting by-elections on a manifesto of attacking excessive public spending."

    Grant, were you really astonished? Now if you'd mentioned that Harvey Proctor, former Tory MP in the 70s, was into spanking rent boys......!! Now there's astory the BBc would love to dredge up given half a chance.

    Andy C

    PS - I don't often comment, but you are a MUST READ every morning and much appreciated Craig, please keep it up.

  3. Have the UK media taken leave of their senses.
    Each morning I get home from taking my little one to school, have a cup of coffee, perch on my stool and look at the spectacular Rocky Mountain views, switch on Classic FM (I will not download BBC Radio 3 on principle) and settle down to look at the blogs and papers.
    It's just gone 10:00 am here (5 pm in the UK) and Classic FM's lead news story is the mortgage fraudster Mandelson banging on about "someone in the Tory party covering up".
    Oh please, a fraudster, twice thrown out of government for dishonourable actions and with a penchant for travelling to Marrakesh where the laws on sexually abusing young boys appear to be exceptionally lax, is allowed to wax lyrical and unchallenged about a figment of Labour/BBC imagination.
    The BBC I can understand because the BBC is the Labour party and the Labour party is the BBC, but has Britain become so over-run with lefty meeja types that all broadcasting outlets unquestioningly spout the latest Millbank press release verbatim?

    Andy C

  4. A coffee and Classic FM sounds good to me Andy, but a coffee, Classic FM AND a view of the Rockies sounds pretty unbeatable!

    On Mandy and Lord Ashcroft, Tom Bradby on ITV News tonight - while not asking about Mandy’s own past misdemeanours - gave Mandelson quite a hard time over Labour’s own questionable donors. So there’s a glimmer of light at ITN at least!

    Martin Daunton sounds just the sort of left-leaning academic the BBC loves: “When Thatcher came to power in 1979 she began to pursue vigorously a policy of incentives to the rich. Income and wealth inequality started to widen.” “Are we now at the start of a move to achieve a new balance between equality and incentives? Gordon Brown's budget of 2002 is possibly a sign that we are, and it might be seen as a budget with great historical significance, akin to Gladstone in 1853 or Lloyd George in 1909 or Dalton in 1947. Greed no longer seems so good.”

  5. Andy C, I also saw that article and was keeping it for a weekend fisking. The BBC seem to be in love with Mandelson and he is rarely off their news programmes spreading slurs. The problem is that whilst we can spot all the BBC bias and report on blogs such as this, the general public have little or no idea and accept that the BBC are unbiased so what they report must be true.

    The Conservative party seem unwilling to point out the bias and challenge the BBC, do they not realise the damage that the BBC are deliberately doing to them?

  6. Another pop at the Ashcroft saga again on the Ceefax letters page. Since it began at the start of the week, there hasn't been a single letter published which comes down, even slightly, on the Tory side. Only the anti Tory letters have been published. Normal BBC bias. Its everywhere.

    For heavens sake Tories, wake up and fight. The BBC is all over you at the moment and it hasn't really begun yet.

    I'd love to hear a Tory appear on the BBC and utter something like "We don't need to take a lecture on standards from someone like Lord Mandelson, who had to resign twice...". But I think I am in for a long wait.

  7. Yes, their lying-low strategy is proving a complete disaster.
    Whenever they've fought hard this week, they've won. Most of the time though they've been acting like ostriches. The BBC won't go away.
    It makes you despair sometimes.


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