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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Michael Crick was back at the end of last night's Newsnight discussing...guess what?...Lord Ashcroft. He wasn't reporting any fresh investigations of his own mind you, merely reporting the lead story in today's Guardian. There are more questions that need answering, apparently (though none of them seem to concern Labours non-dom donors). The Guardian is not giving up, Michael Crick is not giving up.


  1. It has been decided by the Labour tacticians and the BBC that the Lord Ashcroft story is a stick that can be used to beat the Tory party for a week or so. Regular beatings will ensure that Labour's poll ratings continue to rise. Just wait for the Party Leaders' debates and you will see how Labour lies and biased 'analysis' are used to destroy the Conservative party.

  2. And Crick is banging on about it on his blog. I have left a comment currently being moderated. His blog is a good laugh, but judging by the number of comments, very few people read it !

  3. Grant, but what the recent comments on Crick's blog lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. (I know that feeling!) There are some gems on there at the moment. Are you by any chance 'Isatou'?

    I also love this piece of deadly irony from TheBlameGame: "btw Michael, I know it's not often you have a Tory grandee and their Deputy Leader in your sights but you were visibly shaking with excitement last night. Calm down and remember, you're supposed to be a professional."

  4. Craig,
    When I looked earlier today , Crick did at least have a post critical of Mandelson.
    Me, Isatou ? I couldn't possibly comment or take my wife's name in vain !

  5. Not a sheep,


    They've had another go, making sure that "Harman attacks Hague on Ashcroft" and "Harriet harman says William Hague lacks a "shred of credibility" over his involvement with Lord Ashcroft's peerage." is on the politics front page.

    Shame that in PMQs, Hague really got stuck in and completely demolished her. But that means nothing to the BBC. I wonder what they will find tomorrow to keep it on the politics front page?!


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