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Sunday, 2 August 2009


After praising aspects of Stephanie Flander's interview with St. Vincent Cable, I must report that the babe's ( I would) interview with Harriet Harman (I so wouldn't) was not in the same league.

This was a chat between two voices from the left, disagreeing amicably over the 'human rights' of UFO hacker Gary MacKinnon, assisted suicide (both for - as, BTW, am I) and the equality commission (which I would immediately scrap, in these tough economic times!).

Away from BBC bias though, I want to quote Harriet Harman: "I don't accept (for) one moment all those people who say, you know, starting with the Tories, who I think are insufferably arrogant about this, say 'Oh, Labour's already lost the next election. We've already won it. We already have the keys of Downing Street'. I think that's arrogant. I think it's taking the voters for granted."

Good synthetic anger there Harriet! Except that 'the Tories' have said no such thing, indeed have gone out of their way not to say any such thing. Labour are such liars, such smearers. Harriet Harman should be ashamed of herself. She won't be though.

Steph did not point this out though. Still she is hot.

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