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Saturday, 22 August 2009


Slightly unbalanced article about wind turbines by Simon Cox on the BBC website (related to his Radio 4 programme 'The Report'): "Green energy hit by 'faceless Nimbys'"

Of the five people Cox interviewed, four are advocates for wind turbine expansion:

Peter Kruse, vice president of Vestas (ex-manufacturer of wind turbine blades) (3 paragraphs)

Richard Mardon, managing director of Your Energy (wind farm developer) (2 paragraphs)

Ed Miliband, climate change secretary (3 paragraphs)

Chris Goodall, author of 'Ten Technologies To Save The Planet' (6 paragraphs)

Only John Gallimore, chairman of Thwart (a local campaign group on the Isle of Wight) was opposed (3 paragraphs).

So, four against one (14 paragraphs to 3) - not counting the presenter!

Is that fair?

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