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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Another one keeping a low profile on Newsnight in July, Jeremy Paxman can lay claim to just four interviews this month.

Here are Paxo's interruption...oh, come on!...coefficients for July:

Bill Rammell, Labour (13/7) - 2.9
Lord Myners, Labour (1/7) - 1.4
Adam Holloway, Conservative (13/7) - 0.6
Vince Cable, Lib Dem (1/7) - 0

Average number of interruptions per political party:
Labour - 2.2
Conservative - 0.6
Lib Dems - 0

"Are you seriously expecting us to believe that?"

How do these stats compare to June's? There his averages were 2.7 for the Conservatives (over 3 interviews) as compared to 2.0 for Labour (over 4 interviews).

So, no pattern of bias for Jeremy Paxman has yet emerged.

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