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Sunday, 16 August 2009


Andrew Marr, like Gordon Brown, remains on holiday, and has had a different stand-in each week. Last week it was Sophie Raworth, this week it was Huw Edwards. (I only mention Sophie so that I have an excuse to feature this fine old photo of her in her salad days rather than one of boring old Huw!)
Though certainly unexciting, old Huw was nowhere near as obviously biased as old Marr. That said, consider the vital statistics for his three politician guests:
Caroline Flint, Labour - 6 minute 54 seconds, I.C. of 0.3
Bob Ainsworth, Labour - 12 minutes 26 seconds, I.C. of 0.9
Michael Gove, Conservative - 7 minutes 51 seconds, I.C. of 1.1
Sorry for spelling this out but Labour got just under 20 minutes (and 2 interviewees) whereas the Tories got just under 8 minutes (and 1 interviewee) and scored the highest I.C. to boot!!

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