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Monday, 3 August 2009


What's the connection between these three revolutionary tyrants?

They're all conservatives.

Now here'a fun game for all the family. See how many times Jon Leyne, the BBC's expelled Tehran correspondent, uses the word 'conservative' in a single appearance. This morning, on 'Today', he only used it 3 times. 6 is the record, from what I've heard. Others, like Ali Ansari on the same programme, call the 'badies' in Iran 'hardliners'. Leyne nearly always calls them 'conservatives'. I would call them 'radicals'!
I call that another case of 'bias by labeling'!

Of course, I know what he means - and so do you. Still...words have connotations...

BTW, the conservatives in Iran are now more split than they've been since the row over the Maastricht Treaty, when Grand Ayatollah Major faced a challenge from the MP for the Holy City of Qom, Hojatoleslam Cash.

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