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Sunday, 30 August 2009


The soft ride Jack Straw got on The World This Weekend contrasts starkly with the rough ride Alex Salmond got from Stephen Evans on Broadcasting House this morning.

Whereas Straw was not interrupted at all by Shaun Ley, Salmond was interrupted five times - and Evans heckled and tried to interrupt on several more occasions too.

Here are some of Evans's questions/comments to Mr Salmond:

"Perceptions don't look good, do they? The cat's out of the bag!"

"You were discussing Mr Megrahi with Westminster". (Salmond said, yes & I made an emergency statement about it in the Scottish parliament in 2007).

"But it's that phrase 'carve up' from it, it's that phrase 'carve up'. You were negotiating with Westminster to exclude Mr Megrahi specifically from it. The perceptions now don't look very good, do they?"

All well and good, but shouldn't these questions (or ones of similar force) be being asked of the Labour government too? Today's Sunday Times story was more about Labour than the SNP after all. And with similar sarcasm? Instead we get Shaun Ley, and his lovey-dovey interview with Jack Straw.

All this might lead us to think that the Beeb is trying to disguise Labour's major role in the Megrahi release & trying to stick all the mud onto the SNP instead.

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