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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Jon Sopel (pictured above with friend) has been resting for most of July. He has carried out only 2 interviews (with Labour, naturally).

Nonetheless, here are his interruption coefficients:

Andrew Dismore, Labour (31/7) - 0.9
Lord Drayton, Labour (12/7) - 0.5

I don't even need a calculator for this one!!:

Average number of interruptions per political party
Labour - 0.7

How does this compare to June? There he scored highly against the Conservative's Theresa May 2.3) & his averages were 1.4 for the Tories, 0.9 for Labour and 0.4 for the Lib Dems (from interviews with Clegg, Cable and Campbell). That is the trend I expect from Sopel. When the summer hols at the BBC (and at Westminster) are over, I expect to see this trend confirmed. But that's to pre-judge the matter!!!

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