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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


What's going on here?! The second post in a row about atypical behaviour at the BBC - and another compliment!

(I've not just begun a course of Prozac, honestly).

Firstly, Vince Cable of the Lib Dems got a thorough fisking by Kirsty Wark on Newsnight, earning her a 1.6 I.C. against the Great Sage and placing her in second place on my spreadsheet for this month (so far). Well done, Kirsty!

That said, it was, remarkably, the dancing doc's 8th appearance on my BBC list this month alone - 5 more than anyone else - which equates to an invitation to be interviewed by the BBC every other day!! So the Beeb still loves you really Vince!!

Secondly, Michael Crick did a report on bankers' bonuses, prompted (like the Cable interview) by the left-wing pressure group Compass's calls for a 'high-pay commission'. So, not a report about those wicked Tories. Amazing!!!

His report featured a snippet of Alistair Darling for Labour and Mark Hoban for the Conservatives, and was largely about the issue and its implications for politicians in general. Maybe the chance to drive about in a smart car & use lots of phrases like 'excess', 'bonus-laden' ,'bling', 'city slickers' & 'city whizz-kids' was enough fun for him.

That also said, today's Crick Count was:
*****Tory - 2
*****Conservative - 0

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