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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Robin Lustig, long-time liberal-minded presenter of the 'World Tonight', has (like Ritula Shah) not conducted a great number of domestic interviews throughout July (it's, perhaps, the nature of the programme).

Of the 5 he has presented, here are the interruption coefficients:

Liam Fox, Conservative (10/7) - 0.4
Lord Philip Hunt, Labour (15/7) - 0.4
Malcolm Rifkind, Conservative (16/7) - 0
Brian Paddick, Lib Dem (9/7) - 0
Peter Kilfoyle, Labour (17/7) - 0

Average number of interruptions per political party
Labour - 0.2
Conservatives - 0.2
Lib Dems - 0

Mr Lustig is not one of nature's egotists!
How does this compare to June? Well, Robin then scored 0.9 against Labour (one interview, with Harriet Harman), 0.2 for the Conservatives and 0 for the Lib Dems.
Again, nothing to see here!

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