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Saturday, 29 August 2009


Political bloggers should (I feel) be passionate but not unpleasant, generally-speaking. Hopefully not unpleasantly, if not without a certain mischief, I've just registered my feelings about Michael Crick's overpowering bias against the Right by managing to get a highly sarcastic comment past the BBC moderators and onto Michael Crick's blog. This is, I feel, a minor triumph of sorts - if only that the state-sponsored BBC website receives rather more hits than this one, and more people might read it!! (No, it's true!!)

"12. At 4:04pm on 29 Aug 2009, CraigMorecambe wrote:
Well done Michael, a funny story that shows just what the Tories are like! This makes it your 6th post (out of 8) this month about the Tory Party. I've loved them all. Three have been firmly anti-Tory (well done again!), and the others merely slanted against the Tories (great!). None have been specifically about the Labour government (and why should they have been?). I know some people think you hate the Tories, but I hate them too and I don't see anything wrong in that. I think you're doing a great job. Go on Michael, keep socking it to them!" *

This man offends against all notions of BBC impartiality month-in and month-out. I think a little mischief is justified in the circumstances! Don't you?
Click on the label for Crick for the background to all this or, for the precise post:


  1. Excellent work Craig, I wonder how long before your comment disappears form the Newsnight blog?

  2. I'm waiting to see what happens when Crick writes his next post. (Is he on holiday?). Will my comment be 'disappeared' then?


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