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Sunday, 30 August 2009


Deliciously, my sarcastic post on Michael Crick's vile blog has elicited a response:

13. At 7:53pm on 29 Aug 2009, A_View_From_France wrote:
CraigMorecambe, the joke is on you, especially when the Conservatives trounce Labour at the next election (Super Great!).

So yes, let Mr Crick continue with his pointless blog, all he is doing is ensuring that he will be looking for a new job sometime in the next 8 months.....

In his absence, sorry to A View From France. I like where he's coming from, even though I regret that he can't spot irony! In fact, I'm feeling a bit abashed that my sort of chap might be misled by this prank. That said, my mischief is working! Ha, ha, ha!!

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