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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Not to be confused with someone else, Glenn Campbell is the 'Jon Sopel' of BBC Scotland's 'Politics Show' (broadcast across the UK on the BBC Parliament channel, Sundays at 3.00pm). There was only one edition of the programme this month, so there's not much to go on. Still the 4 interviews are not untypical, being dominated by the left and seeming to be biased towards Labour and against the SNP!
Here are July's mcinterruption coefficients for Glenn Campbell:
Angus Robertson, SNP (12/7) -1.6
Alistair Darling, Labour (12/7) - 1
Douglas Alexander, Labour (12/7) - 0.2
Adam Ingram, Labour (12/7) - 0
Average number of interruptions per political party
SNP - 1.6
Labour - 0.4
Glenn's performance in June was what I expect from him too, with all three top places going to Conservatives (average IC, based on 3 interviews, of 2.1), and a 0.8 score against three leading Scots Nats. The Labour figure for June (with 4 interviews) was only 0.4.
Charming man though Glenn Campbell is, none 0f this surprises me. I think he's a particularly biased interviewer, and especially against the Tories. (UKIP never gets a look in). When the show returns, we shall find out more.

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