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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


UKIP are watching the BBC very closely at the moment & are taking action, with help from yours truly.

The Beeb's bias against UKIP, chronicled in this blog (click on the UKIP label for all the details), is nothing short of scandalous - and they are well aware of it. The almost total neglect of a party that came second in the European elections - and not just during the Norwich North by-election - beggars belief. On those rare occasions when UKIP spokesmen have been interviewed, the interviews have never failed to be unfair to them.

Noticing that I hadn't heard a single UKIP interview since 14th July, I decided to e-mail my damning air-time findings to them a week ago last Sunday (showing that the party was granted only 0.32% of BBC interview time throughout the whole of July!). The response was prompt and gratifying. My e-mail had been read and circulated throughout the upper echelons of the party on the morning of the very day that Nigel Farage himself was meeting a senior BBC manager to express his understandable concerns about the BBC's behaviour, which was fortuitous. My data has now been passed to Lord Pearson, who is co-ordinating UKIP's campaign to ensure fair coverage.

UKIP have proved themselves to be wholly accessible, as well as kind and friendly. I have received nothing but encouragement and enthusiasm. I am very impressed with them.

They are saddened and appalled, however, at the sheer extent of the Beeb's bias against them - as well they might be.

I subsequently sent them all my other findings, following requests for further information, and will update them with all new results.

This month, so far, UKIP have not been interviewed by the BBC at all - which is not good for democracy (to say the least)!

I will keep you posted.

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