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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Though a regular presenter of 'The World Tonight' Ritsy has had a quiet month, at least as regards carrying out interviews with UK politicians. Only 2 interviews then, both (naturally) with Labourites.

Here are the interruption coefficients for Ritula Shah:
Harriet Harman, Labour (4/7) - 0.7
Sally Keeble, Labour (7/7) - 0
How does this compare with June's figures, when Ritsy was busier? Then her averages were o.4 for the Tories, o.4 for the Lib Dems & 0.3 for Labour.
Most of the interviews, though, were again with Labour politicians. In June & July, she has conducted 10 interviews with Labour, 3 with the Conservatives and one with the Lib Dems.

That said, the the I.C.s provide no proofs of bias for Ritula Shah. She is free to leave without a stain on her character.

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