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Monday, 17 August 2009


Westminster Hour's perenially-biased presenter Carolyn Quinn must have been on her hols, so young Laura Kuenssberg hosted the show instead. What a difference! Each member of the politics panel of Janet Anderson (Labour), Ed Vaizey (Conservative) and Evan Harris (Lib Dem) was treated fairly, each receiving time to talk, each being rarely interrupted, each getting a fair share of both the tougher and the easier questions. That's more like it!

This being such a nice, happy post, I think here might be the best place to put the Photo of the Year 2009. The reason why it features on a blog about BBC bias is that Michael Crick absolutely hates it. (I just made that up.) Anyhow, if Not a Sheep can have it on his superb blog, I'm having it on mine too!!!

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