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Sunday, 2 August 2009


The dominance of the BBC's airwaves by the Labour Party, which this blog highlighted in June, continued in July (and even slightly increased).

While accepting that the governing party is likely to be questioned more than opposition parties - and rightly so! - the sheer scale of Labour's dominance is unhealthy for democracy.

Also unhealthy is the relagation of UKIP, the second party in the European elections (16.5%), to 7th place on this list - behind the Greens, the SNP and even the BNP. Only Plaid Cymru came off worse. This is an outrage!!

Here then are the damning percentages:

Labour - 60.92%
Conservatives - 24.08%
Lib Dems - 10.82%
SNP - 2.08%
Greens - 0.82%
BNP - 0.76%
UKIP - 0.32%
Plaid Cymru - 0.22%

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