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Monday, 3 August 2009


Evan Davis gave us a nice little example of Bias by Labeling this morning.

This is where a politically identifying label is given to a group of which the interviewer/reporter is not sympathetic in contrast to no politically identifying label being attached to a group of which he is sympathetic - thus giving the former a partisan (negative) tag, while the latter has an independent/politically neutral (positive) tag attached to it.

Here's what Evan said: "Let's discuss what Harriet Harman said yesterday with Yvonne Roberts, who's a senior associate at the Young Foundation, which is a social innovation think tank, and Jill Kirby, who's the director of the Centre for Policy Studies, which is a right-of-centre think tank."

Evan should surely have said " the Young Foundation, which is a left-of-centre think tank..." (The Young Foundation, indeed, is just that, & is headed by a former Blair director of policy and Brown chief policy advisor, Geoff Mulgan.)

By his 'bias by labeling' Evan Davis could be misleading his listeners into thinking that the CPS is close to the Conservative Party while the YF is independent of party politics.

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