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Saturday, 1 August 2009


If you list all the highest interruption coefficients achieved by every interviewer who has interviewed representatives of more than one political party a very interesting pattern emerges:

Gavin Esler - Grant Shapps, Conservative
Carolyn Quinn - Bill Rammell, Labour & John Fitter, Conservative (joint)
Evan Davis - David Davis, Conservative & Ian Duncan Smith, Conservative (joint)
Sarah Montague - Liam Fox, Conservative
Eddie Mair - Lord Mandelson, Labour
Martha Kearney - Nick Gibb, Conservative
Jim Naughtie - Alan Duncan, Conservative
Edward Stourton - Denis MacShane, Labour
Shaun Ley - Teresa May, Conservative
John Humphrys - David Cameron, Conservative
Jeremy Paxman - Bill Rammell, Labour
Glenn Campbell - Angus Robertson, SNP
Emily Maitlis - Angela Eagle, Labour
Nick Robinson - Mike O'Brien, Labour
Robin Lustig - Liam Fox, Conservative & Philip Hunt, Labour (joint)
Jo Coburn - Michael Gove, Conservative
Andrew Marr - George Osborne, Conservative
Mark D'Arcy - Ed Vaizey, Conservative
Andrew Neil - Philip Hammond, Conservative
Adrian Masters - Andrew R.T. Davies, Conservative
Anita Anand, Glenn Tingle, UKIP

So, that's:
Conservatives - 15
Labour - 7
UKIP - 1
SNP - 1

Now, who's the government and who's the opposition?

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