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Monday, 10 August 2009


Sometimes the BBC can be very predictable. (Only sometimes?)

This morning on Today we heard Edward Stourton chatting to Labour's Tony Wright about whistle-blowing, scoring an I.C. of 0. Then came a 6-minute interview with Labour's Hilary Benn about the 'food revolution', during which Ed interrupted only once, scoring an I.C. of 0.2. James Naughtie then popped up to interview a third Labour spokesman, Kim Howell (about the torture story). This lasted 4 minutes and also scored an I.C. of 0. Finally, we get a non-Labour Party interviewee, Conservative Steve O'Brien, talking about access to medical records. He got 3 minutes of Ed Stourton's precious time & was interrupted twice, achieving an I.C. of 0.6. As I.C.s go, that's not high, but it's still noticably higher than the others. This, of course, suggests bias.

Sometimes the BBC can be very predictable. (Only sometimes?)

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