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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Matt Frei can always be relied upon to provide a biased point of view on his diary. Just have a look at this gem:
So Newt Gingrich's Contract with America was "a dodgy deal", the Tea Party movement consists of "Braveheart warriors", Bill Clinton was a "magician" and "Tony Blair his best understudy" in the admirable tactic of "triangulation" and Barack Obama's presidency "is turning out to be a masterclass in triangulation". "Triangulation" (and "The Third Way") "appeals to his elegant intellect". "The current president is a man whose quiet self-confidence is the result of having always triumphed as the outsider...Obama was always the talented misfit." (Sounds like a character in a liberal Hollywood movie, doesn't he?). Frei talks of how Obama "seduced this country":
"We saw a reminder of Obama the candidate in his State of the Union speech last week. As the usually raucous ranks were reduced to a hush, hanging on words delivered with the cadence of a preacher, there must have been a few Republicans who wondered if they should delay their run for the White House by another four years." Must there? "A chastened President Obama should carry on triangulating, making deals, rejecting ideology and govern from the centre, but couch his complex method into a simpler message." #


  1. First time I ever read Matt Frei. Was he drunk when he wrote this ? What on earth is he rambling on about ? Or is he just living in the past ?

  2. Same here. It's his first appearance on this blog. Thankfully for us, we don't see or hear much of him these days because he's a BBC World (BBC America) guy and that's keeping him busy annoying the American public rather than us!

    The bit about Obama's "elegant intellect" in particular had me reaching for the sick bucket.

  3. "raucous ranks" had the same effect on me !
    Anyway, no doubt which side Matty boy is on.
    BBC bias ? Surely not ?

  4. "there must have been a few Republicans who wondered if they should delay their run for the White House by another four years."

    This is about as far from the truth as you could get.
    From what I've seen on North American TV it's a given that he's a one-term wonder.

    Andy C

  5. Andy,
    Yes, yet another bonkers comment from Matty boy. Surely the Republican candidates must be fighting each other to stand in 3 years time. Amazing to think it is only 3 years. Obama has been in a year and done nothing except talk !


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