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Saturday, 6 February 2010


I have to say that, as a centre-right-minded guy, I was personally disappointed by all the Tories caught out by the Expenses Scandal, as I expected better from them than, say, their Labour counterparts, just as some of the dodges committed by (now-ex-)UKIP MEPs personally disappointed me too, as I expected far better from them from I did from, say, their Labour colleagues. Given the standards, and the ideology, and the background of both Conservative and UKIP politicians, who wouldn't expect them to have behaved more honorably with taxpayers' money than their counterparts in the reckless, sleazy Labour Party?
All this is merely a preamble to a quote from Jo Coburn on yesterday's The Daily Politics. This is a question she put to Nick Watt of The Guardian: "Which party is going to suffer the most? I mean one might say, just because they've got the most MPs, it would be Labour and also is there also a case that Labour grassroots will feel, actually, we expect more of our MPs perhaps, because of the standards, and the ideology and the background of the Labour Party?"
Would it ever have occured to left-wing Jo that she could have substituted (as I did) the words Conservative Party for the Labour Party, and their respective grassroots, and put the same question to Fraser Nelson of The Spectator? I very much doubt it.
This BBC-wide assumption that Labour just must be morally superior to the Tories is one I don't share at all. Far from it.

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