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Saturday, 6 February 2010


There was a revealing intervention from left-liberal BBC presenter Robin Lustig on Thursday's The World Tonight. The issue was MPs' expenses and Robin had gathered together Ben Brogan of The Daily Telegraph (a rare invitation to anyone from that newspaper on this most left-liberal of Radio 4 programmes) and one of the BBC's favourite constitutional experts (familiar from sundry election programmes), Professor Vernon Bogdanor.
Lustig had asked Ben a question that puffed up Gordon Brown's constitutional reform proposals. Ben reminded World Tonight listeners of Gordo's history of unprincipled behaviour over the expenses issue, which brought Robin Lustig crashing in with "Put his past record on one side, do you think there's something in it?"
Why should Brown's (at best cowardly, at worst self-interested) behaviour be put aside? He allowed his ministers and favourites to scupper Freedom of Information legislation that could have smoked out and resolved this crisis some time before the Great Expenses Scandal erupted, thanks to Guido Fawkes and Ben Brogan's paper.
The BBC is far too keen to put Brown's past record on one side.

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  1. Interesting in QT this week when the LibDems, through Paddick, were boasting of being the whiter than white party on expenses. The Telegraph editor on the show reminded him that Clegg also had to pay up.
    Unbelieveably Paddick fought back by stating that Gordon Brown also had to pay up, and was in the top 10 of over-the-top expenses. The Telegraph editor confirmed this.
    Not a squeak out of Dimbleby - perhaps because he is escaping to Africa for 3 weeks in the sun and steady Eddie is taking over.


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