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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Oh Michael Crick really is a biased piece of work!
Last night's Newsnight begins and Kirsty Wark says "As talks continue in Northern Ireland our political editor reveals the Conservatives' efforts to do their own deal in the province are becoming unstuck." Cue Crick: "Have David Cameron's plans to transform the politics of Northern Ireland been scuppered by a secret meeting held here in the headquarters of the Orange Order?"
You rarely see Crick on Newsnight these days, but whenever he's got an investigative report to bring, why is it again and again and again about the Conservatives (or 'Torrrries', as he calls them)? Why is it always critical in tone? Why does it always highlight problems for them, or secret talks, or splits? Why is Labour, the governing party, so rarely (if ever) on the receiving end of such treatment from Michael Crick? (In the last couple of months all he's ever mentioned in this regard is electoral reform, as he did again last night - for more on which please see Not a sheep Why is he allowed to get away with it time after time?
It's a sick joke that this man is political editor of Newsnight. He's a Labour Party partisan, nothing more.

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