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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


The World at One today began by looking at Gordon Brown's election wheeze over electoral reform, and discussed it was Antony Green, an election expert from Australia's ABC, Pam Giddy of the electoral reform organistation Power 2010 (a former Newsnight producer and denizen of a whole host of other left-liberal organisations), a Labour MP Tom Harris (one of the best of the breed), a Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne then another Labour MP John Denham. No Conservatives of course. Nor were there any when the conversation turned to Tory economic plans, only Jan Randolph, head of Sovereign Risk Analysis at IHS Global Insight. After a brief taste of Clare Short's evidence at the Chilcot Inquiry came a discussion on Pope Benedict's concerns about Harriet Harman's Equality Bill. This was discussed by a Labour MEP Stephen Hughes and John Deighan, parliamentary advisor to the Scottish bishops.
PM returned to the subject of electoral reform and discussed it with Ken Ritchie of the Electoral Reform Society. Red Ken has had many fingers in many left-liberal pies over the years and had stood for parliament three times for the Labour Party. He thinks that Gordon's wheeze is a "welcome" move and "a step in the right direction", but of course wants Brown to go much, much further. The programme also discussed Tory economic plans but again without any Conservatives. This time Eddie discussed the issue with anti-Tory BBC political correspondent Norman Smith, who kept on saying that George Osborne had made a "huge gamble" (a phrase he used twice), and that his pledge to maintain Britain's AAA credit rating "seems to (him) to be potentially hugely problematic" (a phrase he also used twice, unlike the word 'Conservative' which only once crossed his lips. Norm, like Crick, prefers the word 'Tory' and made much use of it here).


  1. And yet not a peep from the Conservative leadership; why?

  2. Steady Eddie was not so balanced as normal and so I presume some bbc pressure was put on him.
    However in one interview with a member of all 3 parties Ed Sturton showed he was of sterner stuff and kept them to the facts and even chastised the Labor person who kept interrupting.
    Have you noticed that the new NuLabor tactic is to shout out the opposition?
    On the World at One today that truly odious creep Peter Hain got shouted out himself by the feisty female LibDem spokesperson for talking such utter rubbish.
    His parting shot at the Tory spokesperson who stated that the UK's triple A rating had to be urgently defended, was "scaremongering"
    Brown said the same of Osborne's statement on the risk to the £, and look where it is now. And this morning I find that Moody's is threatening USA's own triple A rating over its $3.8 trillion budget, and state they need better performances.
    Brown and Co are becoming so beligerantly stupid only the most dedicated leftie activists in the bbc now fully support them.

  3. I'm just about to listen to 'The World at One'. I will brace myself for more Peter Hain!

    I had noticed that bullying tactic. It does seem to be a concerted strategy. I used to think it was just Liam Byrne and Ed Balls, but they're all at it now, shouting down their opponents, interrupting them and asking them sharp questions. They've probably been told to do it by Alastair Campbell, or some other such rogue.

    As for Ed Stourton, he's done some pretty fine interviews recently, especially with Denis MacShane (one of the worst of those Mc/Mac Labour attack dogs!) and Alistair Darling. Getting kicked off 'Today' is doing him the world of good.

  4. Just listened to Hain on the 'World at One'. What a nasty piece of work, and what a nasty party he speaks for. It would be great for the Tories if HE were central to Labour's election. They should pray that he is.

    That even Sarah Teather of the Lib Dems felt duty bound to rescue Jeremy Hunt from Hain's bullying behavour shows that Labour's attack strategy, with luck, could really backfire on them - especially if they keep pushing it to the extent that Hain and Balls keep pushing it to.

  5. On Daily Politics today, Andrew Neil attacked Jeremy Hunt for the Conservatives' plan to abolish the BBC Trust and sack the Labour stooge, Michael Lyons.
    Andrew rather laughingly blotted his copybook by saying that the Trust is there to represent licence-payers' interests. Surely he doesn't believe that ?


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