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Saturday, 6 February 2010


The Politics Show's series of pre-election reports from the marginal Stourbridge constituency of Labour's Lynda Waltho have made frequent reference to the fact that Ms Waltho's Conservative opponent Margot James is a "millionaire businesswoman". Friday's Daily Politics featured an Adam Fleming report from Cannock Chase, constituency of the retiring Labour MP Tony Wright. The Conservative candidate there, one Andrew Bridgen, was called a "potato magnate", perhaps to enable young Adam to make a bad pun, but just as likely to allow him to highlight the Tory's high social position/wealth. No descriptions of any kind were applied to the Labour or Lib Dem candidates. Gordon Brown's attempts to play the 'class' card seem to be finding an echo at the BBC.

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  1. Shaun Woodward, Barbara Follett, Geoffrey Robinson and , going back a bit, Tam Dalyell .... wealthy toffs, the lot of them !


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