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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Has anyone else noticed that the Tories seem to be being even more closely questioned that ever these days, and much more so than their Labour counterparts? Is this going to become a significant trend in the lead-up to the general election?
Following on from Kirsty Wark (not pictured) on last night's Newsnight, I note that Martha Kearney asked Conservative Jeremy Hunt 5 questions on today's The World at One but Peter Hain just 3 questions (and Sarah Teather of the Lib Dems only one). Similarly even blog favourite Andrew Neil asked the self-same Jeremy Hunt 34 questions on today's The Daily Politics, but only asked 'Lucky' Liam Byrne just 7 questions. Even this blog's other favourite Eddie Mair presided over a discussion between the parties on Monday's PM that saw Philip Hammond score an I.C. of 1.2 compared to 0.6 for the self-same Liam Byrne and 0 (of course) for Vince Cable.

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  1. Yes, a definite trend. The Beeboids are getting more aggressive in the last week or so. Maybe they feel they have nothing to lose now and can throw what was left of their caution to the wind.


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